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Nabhan Al AbdullatifAn Omani Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Conceptual Thinker.

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Normally we see timelapses in video form, but motion designer Dan Marker-Moore has found a way to show the passage of time in a static format. 

His images, which he calls time slice photographs began when he wanted to share the beauty of a timelapse on Instagram before they added the video features. His aerial view time slices feature beautiful city skylines from all over the world. He captures moons rising, suns setting, and rainbow-colored cotton candy clouds dancing through the sky.

Check out more work by Dan Marker-Moore on his tumblr page. To purchase a time slice, click here. You can also follow him on Instagram 

Photographer Christian Weber recently completed a remarkable series of photos that capture the exact moment when energy is released in an explosion.

With a subject that requires super precise timing, most photographers use a sound activated shutter, but Weber decided to trigger it using only his own senses.

Photographing the First Burst of Energy in an Explosion

via Wired

Lets check out Jonty Hurwitz and his amazing anamorphic art that can only be seen in the reflection of a mirrored cylinder. Although the technique was created in the late Renaissance (16th century), artist like Jonty and István Orosz made it popular again. We’ve begun to see more and more of this type of art so we thought it’s about time to look at some of the best examples.

What’s interesting about these anamorphic pieces is that most of them look like rubbish without a mirror cylinder. Some of them are so distorted that you can only guess at what the reflected image will reveal. You could probably even use this technique to pass a message on to a fellow secret agent.

Hurwitz says he creates his art by scanning a three-dimensional object and then using special software to come up with new physical forms, but each artist has their own technique. Get ready to be amazed!

Rafael Mantesso, a Brazilian food editor, creates playful illustrations around the everyday activities of his lovely bull terrier Jimmy Choo, who has been the driving force behind their climb to Instagram stardom. Instagram is clearly a great place for pets to start their Internet star careers.

Jimmy Choo became an active participant in Mantesso’s creative drawings after Mantesso and his ex-wife went their separate ways. To fill the emptiness and keep himself busy, he started drawing and painting again. The bull terrier was always there beside his human friend, which meant it was only a matter of time till the dog also got involved.

The artist also revealed his secret to staying creative – you have to exercise your creativity and practice every day, even if you don’t want to.

More info: Instagram

On Her Skin -  Asako Shimizu

While reading a Japanese guidebook about Bolivia in the mid-’90s, Asako Shimizu noticed a small black-and-white photograph of a salt flat with a seemingly endless horizon. The memory of the image stuck in her mind for 10 years until finally, in 2006, she was able to visit the South American country where, inspired by the image, she created the series “On Her Skin.” 

Shimizu went to the world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni, which covers more than 4,000 square miles and is roughly 12,000 feet above sea level. If you have friends who have visited, chances are your Facebook timeline has been filled with trippy photographs that play off the optical illusion of people balancing on odd objects or holding a mini version of fellow travelers in the palm of their hands. 

She chose the title, “On Her Skin,” after thinking about her relationship with the Earth while photographing from such a high elevation. The people in some of the images are just an added bonus—Shimizu didn‘t intentionally capture them, preferring not to compose the images too much and letting people wander in by chance. 

“The basic idea of all my works is to let a camera capture unexpected moments that are beyond my thoughts. It is my work to simply capture something of value in a subject.”

Camera: Hasselblad 500C/M

Milosav Druckmüller is, hands down, the greatest eclipse photographer in the world. Fact.

Total solar eclipse is one of the most fascinating astronomical phenomena. Thousands and sometimes millions of people, as it was in case of the last total eclipse visible in central Europe, travel to the narrow band of totality to enjoy fleeting beauty lasting few minutes only. Even people without any knowledge in physics and astronomy realize during the total eclipse that our Sun is definitely not a boring light source of a round shape shining down from the heaven but an extremely interesting living star which occupies surprisingly large part of the sky.

Astonishing series of scientific discoveries were made during the rare total solar eclipses. Probably the most famous one was done on May 29th 1919 when it was proved that the Sun behaves like a giant achromatic gravitational lens as it was predicted by Einstein’s general relativity theory. Although nowadays cosmic probes greatly extended the possibilities of observing the Sun as the telescopes can be placed outside the interfering Earth’s atmosphere, each total solar eclipse remains a scientific event of great importance. Total solar eclipse gives an unique opportunity to take advantage of digital cameras, advanced photographic films, fast computers, and modern mathematics and create images of inner corona in the quality which is nowadays impossible to be reached by any other way. The main aim of these Web pages is to prove that the previous sentence is truthful and that from the scientific point of view it makes sense to organize expeditions to each total solar eclipse.

Japanese designer Fukusawa Takayuki has made it his life’s goal to create funny and playful designs that brighten people’s days, and his latest collection definitely delivers. His silly “Tanama Diver” series features pendants with tiny figurines that seem to dive with enthusiasm straight into their wearers’ breasts.

Some people might call his works silly or outrageous, but it seems like that’s the whole point. According to his design firm (ekoD Works), his goal is to “continue to create thing that make people say, ‘he made another ridiculous thing.’” We think he’s done it again! And if you like his sense of humor, be sure to check out the rest of his work on his site.

“My heart is stronger now that you’re in it” - Studio Ghibli